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Here's what past and present Fitness Quest customers think:

Vicki has totally risen to the lockdown challenge!

Within days she had researched virtual platforms and commenced testing on her willing guinea pigs. The classes schedule remained the same which helps us all keep to a routine.

The live virtual classes have been running for 4 weeks now and they are great! just as tough as in person, she totally motivates us to keep going. As the classes are live Vicki can continue to support us all and keep an eye on us to see if we’re slacking off! At the end of class we are able to chat so the social side of classes is still available which is important if you are isolating alone.

Vicki has announced the virtual classes will continue as lockdown goes on longer. I am so happy as they continue to be an important part of my day!

Thank you Vicki for your time and support through this very tough time.

This testimonial has been left by Angela on the Fitness Quest Facebook Page under "Reviews".

Angela McGill

With having to cancel our weekly classes, I think we were all a bit lost! But within a couple of weeks Vicki was up and trialling online classes, fully running the following week. Making this whole ‘new normal’ just that bit easier.

The virtual classes are a great way to get sweaty and keep your spirits up in a quick half an hour blast that really gets you moving!

Thank you for keeping us motivated and positive - you’ve been amazing!

This testimonial has been left by Devan on the Fitness Quest Facebook Page under "Reviews".

Devan Scanlan

Loving the virtual classes and after a few I’m still totally hooked !

Vicki is positive, motivating and constantly drives us to give it our all. It only takes 30 minutes and I feel great after.

Thank you Vicki for being so amazing, I really need this especially whilst on lockdown.

This testimonial has been left by Zara on the Fitness Quest Facebook Page under "Reviews".

Zara Lane

Brilliant short and sweaty workouts online! Really hope they will stay on after the lockdown!

This testimonial has been left by Marta on the Fitness Quest Facebook Page under "Reviews".

Marta Zuk

“Virtual exercise” what is that? How will that help me? Well to be honest as a technophobe I had my doubts BUT with the support, guidance, patience, motivation, enthusiasm and overall commitment from Vicki I’m converted She is a fantastic instructor and I look forward to my weekly exercise classes online.

This testimonial has been left by Elaine on the Fitness Quest Facebook Page under "Reviews".

Elaine King

Always been a big fan of Fitness Quest Classes, 10 years and counting, and the virtual classes 100% have not disappointed I’ve always found exercise videos etc at home good as a one off but quickly find myself not trying and giving up. 4 weeks in and have attended all but one class (5 a week). Fantastic variety and that added push of Vicki pushing you to go all in. Super simple to attend, modifications offered to push harder but also to support injury etc. Looking forward to the next 4 weeks to see what pain (good pain) Vicki has in store for us. Thank you for keeping us all motivated to stay fit and healthy.

This testimonial has been left by Hayley on the Fitness Quest Facebook Page under "Reviews".

Hayley Richley

I have just finished the 6 week kettlercise course and booked on to the next! I have really enjoyed this class and found it challenging and supportive. Vicky has been great. Would recommend.

This testimonial has been left by Carly on the Fitness Quest Facebook Page under "Reviews".

Carly Rose

Brilliant selection of classes to suit all, great fun, very motivating and I am so much stronger and healthier as a result.

This testimonial has been left by Tracey on the Fitness Quest Facebook Page under "Reviews".

Tracey Stokes-Read

Great Kettlercise classes for all abilities. Vicki is so friendly and welcoming and makes the exercises good fun too. The courses run in a 6 weeks circle and are held in schools in Winton/Moordown/Charminster area. I'm back again for another round of courses soon.

This testimonial has been left by Anne on the Fitness Quest Facebook Page under "Reviews".

Anne Cornish

Vicki is amazing, very knowledgable, works with you pushing you further than you believe you can go! Her classes are fab, fun and safety is always high on the agenda. With tips and hints aplenty you know you are in safe hands. Vicki cares for her all of her clients and is passionate about health and fitness. Bokwa and Boxercise are my two favourite classes so far, both very different but great fun as well as getting fit. I look forward to the classes every week.

This testimonial has been left by Michelle on the Fitness Quest Facebook Page under "Reviews".

Michelle Scanlan-Sanson

Amazing classes and Victoria is fab instructor and always there for tips and advice! Her BOKWA class is fantastic! Totally recommend!

This testimonial has been left by Lisa on the Fitness Quest Facebook Page under "Reviews".

Lisa Stamp

I started training with Vicki just over a year ago. Having an appointment here on a regular basis where I have to be makes me do the exercise, of which is harder to keep to with just a gym membership. The training is tailored to you so it suits exactly what you are trying to get out of it.

The training plan changes regularly to keep you interested. Time does fly during the sessions and you do feel (especially the morning after) that you have really achieved something! I would rather spend one hour with Vicki's one to one training than three hours in a gym on my own.

Melanie, Bournemouth

Working with Vicki helped me to improve my stamina and taught me a variety of new exercises and stretch techniques. I now exercise regularly to improve on my sport, which is squash and have gradually lost weight since my initial personal training.

Darren Webb

I wanted to lose a lot of weight before I turned 50 this year and also had developed problems with my knees. I wasn't fit enough to try a sport and had wasted money on gym memberships in the past because I found gyms boring, unmotivating and felt embarrassed working alongside all those fit people! 

Personal training has been great because it is private and one to one. Vicki changes my personal program regularly and adjusts it to suit my needs. My general fitness has improved, my knees are better and it is helping me to lose weight. I am more motivated to go to the gym after work when I know I have committed to personal training and have Vicki supervising and instructing me the whole time.

June, Verwood

I have been training with Vicki for about 2 years. She has given me tremendous encouragement and motivation and planned workouts for me that fit in with my schedule. She has set goals that are realistic and achievable and we monitor my progress by both weight loss and measurements. I now feel fitter and healthier and have lost weight and inches too. We have recently started some Boxercise sessions which are great fun and really show results. I shall continue to use Vicki as a trainer for the foreseeable future.

Sue, Bournemouth

I first went to Vicki about 3 months before my wedding - like most brides-to-be, I wanted to look my best but unfortunately in my case I didn't have much time to do it in!

Vicki showed endless patience and understanding, combined with an impressive knowledge of exercise, weight loss and healthy eating.  She also has an amazing ability to hold a conversation with you whilst you're exercising, without losing count of how many crunches you've done! 

I am one of those people who, left to their own devices, would never get round to going to the gym, but somehow going to Vicki's private gym never seemed to be an effort!  Having that one-to-one with someone who knows your goals and wants to help you achieve them makes a huge difference to your motivation.  I am certain that without Vicki, I would not have got into my dress on the big day so I will always be grateful to her!

Katie, Christchurch

I have been seeing Vicki for about five months now and have two one hour sessions per week. My goal was to tone up having lost about two stones in weight already and Vicki has tailored the exercises to do just that. 

I am amazed at the exercises I am now able to do compared to when I started out. My general fitness and stamina have improved enormously and my body shape has improved so that my clothes fit me much better. This has also made me a more confident person.

On a personal note Vicki manages to motivate, be extremely knowledgeable about all sorts of exercise and diet, be very friendly and outgoing whilst all the time making you work hard and giving encouragement when needed. She is very easy to get along with and we are always able to laugh about something. I thoroughly recommend her.

Sheila, Bournemouth

As a 50+, overweight person with a variety of health problems I found the help & guidance given to me by Vicky on a one to one basis a tremendous confidence boost. 

I have previously attended a local gym and found once you had done an induction they left you to your own devises and it was very embarrassing to have to seek someone out to ask a relatively simple question. Vicky varies the programme to suit my ability on the day but still manages to motivate me to push myself a little further.

Gill, Bournemouth

Although I considered myself reasonably fit, my exercise was focussed primarily on running and I was becoming bored and losing motivation. I wanted to add some variety and more enjoyment  to my training routine and decided to look for a personal trainer who could offer some guidance and also help with my motivation. I started training with Vicki a few months back and she has introduced me to a number of new routines, including Boxercise, and has helped me to focus on proper technique. Most of the routines I am also able to do at home and I still incorporate running at the core of my fitness regime.

I have found that Vicki has helped me with my motivation and enjoyment and look forward to my sessions with her. I would definitely recommend her to others.

Graham, Bournemouth

I started training with Vicki around July 2008 having previously put off the idea of personal training as I thought I could or should be able to progress my own fitness and weight loss. I did a lot of sport and a lot gym visits but was getting worried about my inability to control my weight.
Well within 2 months, nearly 2 stone were lost through both a diet change and structured exercising. Further weight loss is not as quick but the fitness is improving along with the muscle toning so the benefits are still coming.

Now my visits to the gym are more structured and more challenging and more rewarding with tangible improvements in the tennis I play.

John, Bournemouth

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