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An excellent class to improve core strength, flexibility and mobility.

A fast paced medley of Pilates and Yoga moves. Different sections focus on different goals: lower body for a good old leg burn, power for a cardio blast and full body fusion for flexibility and movement.

Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm.

Current course finishes 5th April 2023 (no classes 22nd February and 1st March 2023).

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Wednesday 12th April - 31st May 2023

Eight week course starts 12th April - 31st May 2023, 6:30pm-7:25pm, Epiphany Primary School, Muscliff, BH9 3PE. Booking confirmed upon payment in full. You will require your own Yoga/Pilates mat. 

Early bird price: £48 (payment required by 29th March 2023)

Regular price: £56 (for payments made from 30th March 2023)

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Please email to secure your place. You will then be sent further details on how to secure your place.

Course places must be booked in advance and your place can only be held once payment in full has been received. Bookings are non refundable and non transferable.

You are required to sign in to class online each week, this opens 48 hours before the class start time and you should cancel your space should you no longer be able to attend.

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To sum it up, PiYo is a class inspired by both Pilates and Yoga that will really challenge your strength and flexibility. It's like no other class I teach, the benefits from PiYo are amazing; tone up, improved posture, become stronger, leaner, burn a tonne of calorie and so much more! 

Although inspired by both Yoga and Pilates, PiYo is not your traditional class. It's all low impact, but high intensity, so it gets the heart pumping, muscles burning and sweat pouring! PiYo will take you through a series of routines, from a warm up to a lower body section, from power to stretch and strength. PiYo is fairly fast flowing between moves, hence why I like to run it as a course and build it up each week, but combined with an upbeat soundtrack you'll soon be having a great workout that not only improves flexibility but also your overall strength and fitness.

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Despite most people's perceptions of this class (slow and static stretching), PiYo is a physically demanding class that requires participants to hold their own body weight (think planks) and move quickly between the floor and standing positions, and back to the floor again.

For this reason, if you suffer with high blood pressure or dizziness, PiYo might not be the best class to start with, instead take a look at Sculpt & Burn or Functional Fitness

The great thing about my PiYo classes is that I teach the routine as a course, so for weeks 1-3 you can expect me to show plenty of modifications and break down the routine. I also encourage participants to hold any stretches they find beneficial and take a time out if they need to.

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Please wear comfortable fitness clothing that does not restrict movements such as squats and lunges. Please be aware that we get ourselves into some awkward positions during this class (e.g. downdog) so you may wish to protect your modesty!

I recommend bare foot training for this class as it helps you to connect with the ground, however, you are more than welcome to wear trainers if you prefer. You can also wear yoga socks - These have sticky pads on the soles to stop you from slipping (normal socks are not permitted).

You will need to bring with you plenty of water and an exercise/yoga mat.

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